Mr. Shields renders the following services in the area of assisted reproductive technology law:

  1. The drafting of Gestational Surrogacy Contracts, Traditional Surrogacy Contracts, Egg Donation Agreements, Sperm Donation Agreements and Embryo Donation Agreements.
  2. Obtaining Court Decrees, which establish legal parentage of children through the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Assisted Conception Birth Registration procedure.
  3. Establishing legal parentage of children conceived through the use of assisted reproductive technology by the initiation of adoption proceedings (commonly step-parent adoption proceedings or adoption proceedings involving same sex couples).
  4. Rendering “Surrogate Locator Services” for intended parents whereby Mr. Shields is retained and paid by Intended Parents to locate a surrogate, who is acceptable to the intended parents.  Each woman, who is selected to be a surrogate, usually resides in the Western Pennsylvania area and is personally screened and evaluated by Attorney Shields.